Farm To Table

From the Good Earth

Farm To Table

From the Good Earth

Sustainably Grown and Delicious

We are responsible for the health of our environment because our health depends on it. Thats why everything we grow on our farm is grown by hand, without chemical fertilizers, without poisonous pesticides and herbicides that pollute the food chain that sustains us.

As we raise our food from the good earth, we also return it, building healthy soil for the next crop, and completing the circle of sustainability. We make a stand for environmental conservation. The result is the longevity of people and better health for the planet.

This care for the world we live in can be seen on our recyclable plates - fresh, natural foods that nourish the body as we nourish the environment.

Harvest Your Own

The outdoor experience isn't complete until youve harvested your own greens in our gardens, pulled a carrot from the soil by its leafy top, or felt the joy of plucking your own fruit from our orchards. Grab a basket and feel the suns warmth on your back while you bend and pick berries. Pop a few in your mouth as you go!

Flavors From the Good Earth

Fresh, seasonal ingredients make our ever-changing menu the star attraction. Hand-made tofu, and organic greens and vegetables from the garden make our Steamboat the delight of our guests. Healthy meals like organic durian pizza, Korean pancakes and Mexican tortillas tempt every kind of appetite C and are packed with nutrition. And dont forget dessert C always simply made, always simply delicious.

Lunch and Dinner

AdultMYR 58
Child (age 4-12)MYR 28
Lunch session: 11.00am - 2.00pm (1.30pm Last Order)
Dinner session: 4.00pm - 7.00pm (6.30pm Last Order)
  • We accept reservations via WhatsApp (+6017-300 6280)
  • Reservation is required at least 24 hours prior to your arrival and kindly be informed that no walk-ins are accepted